Welcome to the GALLERY~! Here you can see several different types of things that I have made over the years. Above you will see several links choose which you'd like to look at. (Note this is also under construction, Portfolio is the only link worrking current.) I will try to keep this updated more than I have been, but if you wish to catch all of my new artwork you may wish to check out my dA: If you see my artwork up anywhere and you're not sure I was the one that put it there, please contact me ASAP, thank you.

My life as an artist started the moment I could hold a pencil, though I don't really remember working on much outside of school until about Junior High when I started doing random drawings, mostly doodles and a few panel comics. They are very silly looking back on the ones I've been able to find. 1997, December, Sophmore year of High School is when my art took a curve ball, I had discovered Sailormoon and Slayers at the end of that summer and decided I want to try and draw like that. Let's just say I've never looked back. Mediums I work in vary from pen and paper, copic markers which I have improved greatly on, digital and I can make jewelry and paint miniatures. For a time I also worked with oil paints, but they are far too expensive to try and continue at this time. I would like to learn more with water colour, but it will depend on if I can get the time to practice. A bit more on the digital, I have worked with PS, SAI and Manga Studio EX 5, all have there ups and downs, I am the most comfortable working in SAI and I look forward to when the next version is finally released in English (which even 1-2 years later I am still waiting on. Oh SAI please come to me!)

I am currently open for commissions and if you're interested you may contact me via email, my prices for traidtional are here, digital here. Everything else is around, and I will try to get it in a better format for my site. I take paypal, check, money order. A couple more notes, I prefer to draw Original Characters, though fan art from the following anime are alright - Sailormoon, Weiss KreuZ, Angel Sanctuary, Hellsing, Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceras, Tsubasa, Slayers, Kyou Kara Maoh, Shoujo Kakumei Utena. If you are interested in fanart from something non anime, please contact and ask. I also draw G to X rated, though you will most definitely need to contact me on that.
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