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Meet Titan~!

Mold/company - StNafay/Loong Soul, size is SD13 (63cm), pink skin.

I had to do a payment plan for her as I wasn't sure how long she'd be available, she falls under an event, which means they only make as many that are ordered. Started in Feb, finished in May, got her in July 2016.

I fell in love with her face as I do with all my dolls, she has freckles though and that is something I've wanted to make more prominent with Titan. One thing that surprised me is she has an open mouth (you could not tell from the photos), but they have colored her teeth the same as the rest of the mouth, it's fine, usually I don't like that short of thing, but it works well enough. Her joints are also very cool, though since she's new and tightly strung it's hard to get some of them to move the way I'd like. The part that gets me is her proportions. As I mentioned before she has a larger bust/chest than the doll that is taller than her but much smaller feet. Some clothes fit, some have not. At least a few things do.

Her wig I bought either online or a convention or something, I can't remember for sure. Eyes and any jewelry she's wearing I made. The kimono was made by the doll dealer. I'm actually wondering if I can have her make another one. The wig I've styled a little, however at some point I would like to get her a longer two tone one since that is more of what Titan's hair has gone to over the last couple of years.

Her backstory is still very much a WIP, she started off in the Sailormoon-verse, but has finally come into her own and it a Magicl Lady. So, please bear with me.

Titan is the protector of the satelite by the same name, but in a different time. A realm where magic and science are one and the same. She has become well known and well liked over her years of living and also made friend with some of the other protectors. They fight natural troubles as well as those that may not be from this place.

She does her best to see to her people, but also to those she would call friend. Along the way she happens to meet a man who takes an interest in her, he is betrothed to another however so she does her best to spurn his advanaces.

Does she fall for him too? Can she keep everyoen in the realm safe? Only time will tell as I haven't gotten that far.

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