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Mold/company - ?/Bishonen House, size is model (72cm), normal skin.

My first bjd July 2007, I really like Bishonen House's work, I've met him in person twice and he's so very talented. His style just didn't translate to my vision of Muerte.

When I first got him, on the left, that is how he looked. I was so excited to have a doll and he looks so cool that I was just really excited about it. I do wish someone had told me not to pose him and leave him like that as he got floppy very quickly. He's also very heavy, solid resin there in the middle. He came with two pevlises, pevlisi?, and interchangeable feet. The details in the face, hands, feet and groin are skillfully done.

I did take him to Youmacon that year and got to meet other BJD people through him at the time. He also did go to Yaoicon with me the following year. BUt after having Tenshi and Alice I spent more energy and time with them than I did him because I just didn't know what to do with him and him being an odd size I didn't have other clothes for him for a long time.

At Yaoicon I was able to find him a couple pieces of clothes, some shoes, a new wig and new eyes. The eyelashes I picked up from Dollmore and added those at a different time. It did help, but it still wasn't enough for me to bond with him and so most of the time since 2012 he's been boxed up. He's still a beautiful doll, just not for me. A have found a buyer for him, just a matter of getting a payment plan rolling.

BJD Items that are currently for sale
Dollmore White Out Eyes, 1 of 2 has been used

Green Glass Eyes from Alice's Collections

Dollmore SD Maid Outfit and Shoes

BJD Magazines/booklets made by me

BJD Bracelet made by me

BJD Necklace made by me

BJD "pony style" Bracelets made by me

BJD Charm Necklace made by me

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