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Meet Kuroitenshi or Tenshi for short~!

Mold/company - LE30 Bonnie/Dollmore, size is model (66-67cm), white skin.

Paid in two installment in Oct/Nov 2007, got her shortly after that in Nov At that time I also bought her a pair of shoes and an outfit or two, oh and a crown, it helped get me to the free shipping.

From the moment I saw her face up on Dollmore's website I knew she would be the one to be Kuroitenshi. She's also one of the few dolls I've seen that is actually prettier in person than the photos. She is starting to show the bigest sign of her age, yellowing.

Photo below shows how she came to me, black wig, orange/red eyes, lingerie outfit.

The wig was a Christmas gift in 2007 from a friend at the time, and it ended up being perfect for her! Her eyes (which I finally was able to update properly in April 2016), and outfits are all from Dollmore. I think I actually only have two pieces, a cloak and a corset that came from somewhere other than Dollmore. Cloak was made by that doll dealer and the corset was a friend from Animazement.

Because she's such a large doll she was hard to carry around for a long time and she's on the heavier side, dressing her makes one or both arms tired, but she's so pretty to look at I can't even be mad. I only wish Dollmore made jointed hands, I'd be all over that. Also she can stand on her own if she's wearing the right shoes, always nice for a bigger doll, but now I have a stand for her so I don't have to worry about that in particular.

Now, her backstory, Kuroitenshi is actually a fallen demideity, she once was known as Heuen and was beloved by the creator, jealousy is what ended up changing her life. War broke out between her and her sisters, in the end many lesser beings were slain and she ended up losing a wing. She replaced it with a fire faerie wing (looks like a red/gray bat wing) and the mixing of blood and magical things actually is what changed her and she became known as Kuroitenshi, thought she had other names as well.

For a time she ruled over an ancient civilation, but her body was dying, so she had a secret tomb made up and when the time came her placed in it. Her spirit was separated and her body went into a stasis. Being that her spirit had no where to go, it reincarnated over the years, until a normal girl in mordern times starts seeing things (particularly her old creations), they tell her eventually that she will need to go back to the tomb and revive her body. She's be stronger and more powerful then.

That is as far as her story has gone and I havent' figure out if that is the end or not.

I do know I need some kind of excuse for her to wear this gorgeous outfit in the story. Though I may be switching her to the other one that I got due to some trouble with Titan and her proportions.

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