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Meet Derry~!

Mold/company - Parado/Doll Legend, size is YOSD (24-25cm), white skin.

Purchased from my doll dealer friend at Ohayocon 2016. I saw her pouty face and pointed ears and fell in love. She was nude (just undies) when I got her but came with eyes and that face-up. So, I picked up 2 and 1/4 outfits, shoes and that wig for a total of 300USD.

I hadn't had much experience with YOSD size before, but I have to say her size and weight are some of my favorites. She's also the only other doll I've made clothing for as you can see in this first image, I made that dress for her. The flower crown and the outfit in the second photo both came from Dollmore.

From the moment I saw her I knew she was going to be a girl (thankfully with this particular mold it's sexless) and that she would be a faerie instead of an elf. Her name came later, after the con, as in Monday after, I went on a name search, took over an hour, but found the name Derry and knew it was for her.

Her backstory as of right now, Derry was one of Cernunnos' many children. She never grew to full size despite getting older, she looked about 10-12 in appearance. She was also more curious than her siblings so as time went on she decided to leave the comfort and securty of their forest and mingled, as much as she could, with humans.

When she did return home she found the aftermath of her parents and siblings slaughter by another deity that was jealous of her parents love. After making sure everyone was put to rest she set out again never wanting to return to that place, she became a nomad, interacting with humans and others, but not as much. She often gets lonely, but she puts on a happy face and actually smiles a lot and is cheerful.

In the modern times she has found her reincarnation of her father and mother and 2 of her siblings, she is very happy about this, but they do have lives in this day so she's also torn.

And maybe she's found an elf she cane be close with, tee hee.

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