-BJD101 ------------ ALICE ------------ DERRY ------------ KUROITENSHI ------------ TITAN ------------ WIP ------------ RESOLD-

These are my BJDs, they are collectable, pose-able dolls that are also customizable. My first BJD I am in process of reselling as I was unable to fall in love with him, the funds from that should get me close to my next one. I'm sad about it, but I did give him over a decade to bond with me.

My second oldest is on the far left, Kuroitenshi, she's a LE30 Bonnie by Dollmore, a South Korean company. Her eyes (which of course you can't see in this image) also came from there as well as her outfit and shoes. Her wig was a gift. I fell in love with her face-up and never looked back. She's a little loose, but thankfully I have a stand far her now so she doesn't have to lay in a box.

Third is the tiny redhead on Kuroitenshi's lap, Alice, she's a LE Silf by D.I.M, I think a Japanese company. Her eyes are default. Her hair and shoes I picked up from a doll dealer I know and I made her jewelry and dress. I hope I never have to restring her.

Fourth you can see right there in the middle with the orange hair, Derry, she's a Parado by Doll Legend, a Chinese company. The eyes I believe are default, hair and outfit I bought from the same doll dealer when I bought her. The hands I bought from a site later but by the same company. She's a perfect size if you like smaller dolls.

I need to next speak of the unfinished pieces in front of Derry. One is a tiny BJD cat named Kazari as an extra when I bought Derry's hands and Titan. Once I get it eyes then I can finish it up with a face-up. Next to Kazari is a Kara Klum Adam head by Dollmore, I got him as a gift when I made my last group order in spring of 2016. I'm trying to decide which of my OCs he actually is.

Last, but most certainly not least is Titan, she's a StNafay by Loong Soul, an Event doll I actually had to wait 5 months for. That is roughly between the time I found her, went into a payment plan and then her being done and shipped to me. I was shocked by her different sizes, her chest sizes is actually bigger then Kuroitenshi, but she's shorter. Also she has tiny feet for her size as the SD shoes I bought just for her were far too large. She's taller than a normal SD, hence my confusion, thankfully I think I've worked things out, hopefully most of what I bought her Tenshi will be able to use. Her wig I bought at a con, eyes, shirt, skirt and boots came from Dollmore, leggings I bought from anoterh bjd collector.

My plan is to save up for the doll that will be my OC, Muerte. I finally have one picked out, but saving is always the problem.

When I get the time you'll be able to learn more about each down here and more about dolls in general.
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