Hello, everyone. I am Kuroitenshi, I adopted this name in 2001 and try to go by it at as many places as possible. I sadly have had a rough year (2016) and let my .com elapse and was unable to renew it. There will be many changes in the coming months between here and the other places I frequent.

The name KUROI (Black) and TENSHI (Angel) is a pen name I came up with after listening to Black Angel sung by Yohji (Miki Shin'ichirou) from the anime Weiß KreuZ. The character that shares this name came not too much later, you can see her at the top of every page.

I love to draw as you might have noticed, but I also love to make jewelry and to paint minis. Making things is fun and at times soothing, I also love sharing my original characters and ideas with others.

Other things that I enjoy are Sailormoon, Utena, Slayers, and a few other select anime and manga series. The Last Starfighter is one of my all-time favorite films, so a head of its time. Many other films from the 80s, especially Sci-fi in some way. Same goes for fantasy and applies to TV. One day I hope that Constantine will be brought back to TV in some fashion. My favorite holiday is Halloween though I do also love Christmas. I am not a fan of lovey-dovey holidays as I don't feel there needs to be a specific day for those things. And lastly that I care to mention I love ball jointed dolls (BJDs) and own four full dolls, a chubby cat with no face-up or eyes and a head with no face-up or eyes.

I started going to conventions at the end of the 90s, though my first anime one was Ohayocon 2001. Back to that in a moment, I grew up on anime in the 80s and didn't know what it was until much later, 94 I believe is roughly when Cartoon Network did their anime night and that is when I came ot understand why it was different from American cartoons. Still, I was very casual until 97 when I came across Sailormoon. That series continues to change my life.

2003 Acen is when I first tried selling my work, it wasn't official though until Otakon the same year. Things were rough, but it showed me that maybe I could learn and grow and share my work with others. Honestly I do not know how many commissions I've gotten over the years, but I do know that most had a bit smile on their face and told me it was close or exactly what they wanted. I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

I'd like to think I come across as a friendly person, especially if you do happen to meet me at a convention, if I look upset or angry it might just be my resting face. PROMISE! If you're ever curious about something or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me, I love talking with people, about art, about shows, about conventions. I try to help inform other artists, but I am also looking for help too. I also love brainstorming ideas with others, you never know what you'll come up with!

I try to keep up with several TV series, but it's hit or miss if anyone else actually watches them. Instead I try to focus on my art (still trying to finish an art book and more comics) as well as hitting up roughly 6-8 conventions a year. If I could afford to do more I would.

If you'd like to help me out I do have many items already put together for sale that are currently up on either bonanza, storenvy or facebook. I have a fall job, but everything else depends on you. Thank you for taking the time to read. ____________________ -Kuroitenshi 2016/8/19
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